NaiEntertainment was established in the year 2005 to promote Kenyan Events and Music in the United States. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, NaiEntertainment mainly started from organizing house parties and now has grown to be a moving force in promoting Kenyan entertainment in Boston. Early establishment lead to a long time promotion of such clubs as Peking Toms Lounge and Club Keys organizing concerts and events for Kenyans in the Boston and surrounding. Other services offered by NaiEntertainment includes but not limited to Birthdays Parties, Weddings, Fund-Raisers, Corporate Dinners, Anniversaries, Concerts and Cruises.

For those who don’t know, I used to Dj back in the days.The fascination of blending music had me going for a minute but I never made it big. [No DJ name though] I had every equipment a DJ needs.From Technics 1200, mixer, headphones not to forget 1000 albums that I threw away. What a waste of talent. Flush forward to a few years ago, I started collecting mixes and upload them on the website. turned out to be a great idea and within no time, the website was a hit.The difference with NaiEntertainment.com and any other websites out there is that we offer all types of music, from oldskool to new skool. You name it, we have it. Over 500 mixes from at least 50 DJS world wide.

I have always wanted to incorporate a blog on the website, but time hasn’t been on my side. After a few sleepless nights and a few pints trying design this thing, I’ve finally figured almost everything. The main purpose of this blog is to act as tool that enhance what I’ve already started with emphasis on mixtape sharing, commenting and downloading.

One other thing I was trying to achieve with this new website was SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION, you see some mix you like, now will be easy to share with your peers thru FACEBOOK AND TWITTER just by one click.

Check out my Android app available for free on the Google Play. Search MistaMixtapes. Soon coming to the iPhone

Below are my very first three mixtapes that I loaded on Naientertainment in short, this where it all started. Three of my all time favorite. In the coming weeks I’ll reveal my top ten mixes and the like.

Soul Sampler and Touch Of Africa by Kabugi the Dj and Separate The Boys from The Men by Dj Killbill

Salute all djs who have freely shared their mixtapes.


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