Dj Fully Focus

After several request to list mixtapes on naientertainment in a better format, I’ve decided to break down mixes into playlists and in different Dj names.This how the pages will look like.Let me know your thoughts.As always jibambe

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The first Dj I’m featuring is Take Over Djs, Dj Fully Focus. Arguably the best Kenyan Dj we have in America. While I might get lots of heat for that bold statement, I need not back it up. On this playlist is best of Dj Focus mixtapes. I’m sure everyone has their personal favorite, but I think Summer Mega Mix has to be in most people’s top list.That kinda mix that leaves you wanting more. Had to add that mix to Best Of 2011 list

I have to give it to him for coming up with the Mid Week Motivation Mixes. The idea sounded crazy to me at first but he stepped up to the challenge.How he does it, I don’t know. Fresh mixtape every week is not that easy to come up with.There has been 7 mixes in the last couple of months and what fascinates me must is that none of the mixes sound the same. If you need to download any of his mixes, Click here

Catch him Djing live this Sunday 1.1.12 at Savanna Palace, Lowell Ma and you can follow him on twitter @FullyFocus. If you ATL, pay him a visit at Cream Ultra Lounge along side Dj Dyme each and every Saturday.The movement continues.